The Best AR 15 Rifles


If you are interested in buying a gun, specifically an AR 15 rifle, then you might be wondering who the best manufacturer of this type of gun is. Well, the best AR 15 rifle actually depends on how you define the term “best.” There are many manufacturers of this type of weapon that are considered by a lot of people as the “best,” as it all boils down to their own personal preference, how they use it, and if it meets their expectations. In this article, we will discuss the factors that you need to consider when choosing an AR 15 rifle as well as the highly recommended manufacturers of this type of gun.

Why Choose an AR 15 Rifle?

An AR 15 rifle is a weapon most commonly described as a “survival” gun. Since this type of gun is most commonly used for this purpose, then being able to choose the best AR 15 rifle may save your life in the future. This specific gun model can perform several different tasks ranging from self defense (including long range battles and close quarter battles) to hunting. In addition to this, AR rifles have also been around for more than just a few decades. These guns are accurate, robust, as well as reliable.

The following are the areas are where this specific gun model excels, and also the reasons as to why you should choose one for yourself.

  • Flexibility – The AR 15 rifles are arguably the most flexible of all firearms ever developed. This type of firearm can be switched to a long range weapon in just a matter of a few seconds, by swapping the upper receivers. And since almost every part of this weapon has several different options available, then it can be tailored and customized in order to meet the specific requirements and preference of its user.
  • Accuracy – The best AR 15 rifles of today have been improved significantly that these provide MOA accuracy, and in some models, even better.
  • Reliability – The current AR 15 models are very reliable and are not known to have the same problems that shooters experienced before. Through the use of advanced engineering methods as well as manufacturing processes, the best AR 15 rifles of today have already evolved into extremely dependable firearms.
  • Tested and Proven Performance – Since this specific model of firearms has been widely used in the military, then its performance has already been tested and proven.
  • Maintenance – This gun can easily be disassembled into its main parts without having to use tools. Because of this, it can easily be inspected, cleaned, maintained, and the parts replaced.
  • Availability of Parts – One of the best reasons behind the success of the AR 15 rifles lies in their readily available parts. These replacement parts, aside from being available worldwide, are also easy to come by.

Factors to Consider when Choosing an AR 15 Rifle

Now that you are aware of the good reasons as to why you should highly consider buying this type of firearm for yourself, then it is time for you to learn how you can buy the best AR 15 rifle for your needs. First and foremost is to take several important factors into consideration. Failing to complete this step will just set you up for disappointment, as not all rifles of the AR 15 series are made equally.  These factors that we are talking about that you need to take into careful consideration include the following:

Group Size

Group Size at set distances and measured in minutes of angle (MOA) and average to center distance (ATC)

Muzzle Velocity

The muzzle velocity with various types of ammunition may be important

Build Quality

Is the rifle made to military specifications?  (Mil-spec)

While mil-spec is not the end all be all it is a good starting point.